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auto backup software external hard driveRecently, the data explosion has evolved from the concept of a social phenomenon, and even possession of large data resources and have the appropriate interpretation of the use of capacity, has become the world's new round of scientific and technological competition and comprehensive national strength of the focus. So the safety of large data, backup and disaster recovery is particularly important.

Some companies believe that although large data support sales and marketing decisions, but will not have a significant impact on the core operations, not a key business system, do not need to invest too much energy and financial resources for data backup and disaster recovery. However, whether it is a virus intrusion, power failure or staff operations errors, will affect the normal operation of the system, and even cause the system completely paralyzed. The task and significance of data backup is that when the accident occurs, the backup data is complete, fast, simple and reliable to restore the original system, and the availability of backup data is the fundamental enterprise disaster recovery.

Data backup is the basis of disaster recovery, with the backup does not mean everything is fine. Because the backup data can also have other factors caused by data corruption, such as earthquakes, fires, etc., for these enterprises should be in the data disaster recovery capacity to further cope with the ability of data against potential insecurity. Of course, the data backup or the most basic form, no data backup, any disaster recovery is no practical significance. At present, the main data backup as follows:

Regular tape backup: Includes remote tape library, CD library backup and remote key data + tape backup.

Database backup: A copy of the primary database is created on a backup machine that is separate from the production machine where the primary database is located.

Network data: This is the production system database data and the need to track the important target file updates to monitor and track, and update the log real-time through the network to the backup system, the live backup free system is based on the log to update the disk.

Remote Mirroring: Extends the mirrored disk to a location away from the production machine via high-speed Fiber Channel and disk control technology. Mirror disk data is exactly the same as the primary disk data. The update mode is synchronous or asynchronous.

These measures can be systematically restored after a system failure. But these measures generally only deal with a single point of computer failure, the regional, devastating disaster is helpless, do not have disaster recovery capabilities. So we need to set up remote disaster recovery center, make remote backup data, after the disaster to ensure that the original data will not be lost or destroyed. The establishment of a remote disaster recovery center can simply understand it as a remote data backup center. Data recovery is relatively long, but it is relatively low compared to other disaster recovery levels, and the implementation is relatively simple. The main implementation is as follows:

Real-time replication: When the main center of the database content is modified, the backup center of the database content is modified in real time, such a copy of the network reliability requirements.

Timing Copy: When the contents of the database of the main center are modified, the contents of the database in the backup center are periodically refreshed according to the update of the main center at regular intervals. The time interval can be long (days or months) can be short Minute or a few seconds).

Storage forwarding replication: When the main center of the database content is modified, the main center of the database server will first modify the operation log stored in the local, until the time is ripe and then forwarded to the backup center.
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